子どもを読書好きにする工夫  Ingenuity to make children like reading

Why do I want to be a child who likes reading?


 Books are the door to a world you don’t know.


 They takes you on exciting adventures and can be a person to consult with.


 In other words, books are reliable existences who are close to life.


 Some existences that teaches us with expertise what you want to know.


 As an adult, I look for books if I want to know.


 The internet is good, but the information on the net is wide and shallow.There are still a lot of books of information of the paid class. Because books are paid, it is natural.


 From my childhood to the present day, I have always been helped by books, and I like reading so much that reading is a part of my life.


 I want my child to enjoy the joy of knowing the expansion of the world and new things through books.


 With that in mind, we are devising ways to make children interested in reading.

子どもを読書好きにする工夫 Ingenuity to make children like reading


 My six-year-old son likes to read books, and he reads books in any place.


As a custom, he read some books(picture book or manga) by his bedside before going to bed, and as soon as he gets up, he reads them again.


 I will introduce the environment of my home where such my son became a book lover.


Ingenuity (1)Buy books regularly


 I had been making a subscription to picture books at the Dowakan since he was two years old.


 The Dowakan sends one picture book (two if you wish) a month that is selected according to age.


 By sending books regularly every month, I got a habit of reading picture books.


I feel that the point is that we always had the same book in my house by purchasing it instead of renting in the library, etc.


There is a disadvantage that the number of picture books increases and there is a problem with the place to put it, but I feel that there was an advantage that exceeded that.

メリット① 読みたいときにいつでも自分のペースで読める。
Aadvantage (1) You can read at your own pace whenever you want to read.


 When my son was little, he wanted to read the same book over and over again.


 From my son’s appearance, I found that every time he saw a picture book, he found something new.


He often looked at the same page and often did not go to the next page.


 However, it is important. I knew in the Dowakan letter that we should not go to the next page while the child was interested, so I kept my son’s pace.


 Because it was such a slow pace, when my son was little, it took us a while to finish watching the story to the end.


 If this is a picture book of a library with a return deadline, parents may ignore the children’s pace and continue reading it because they want to show it to the end for the time being.


 If so, children may not enjoy the joy of reading picture books.


 I think that the environment where children can read as many times as they want to read at the their pace is a premise that it will love books.


Aadvantage (2) If it is a purchased book, there is no problem even if the child breaks it.


 When children are young, they may break picture books, which is also one of the ways to read.


 The more children break a picture book, the more they like and enjoy it. I thought so, so I didn’t get angry when my son broke the picture book.


 The picture books that are tattered and repaired with tape are now memorable.


 I’m so adorable when he’s been watching picture books until it does this.


 If the book borrowed in the library had been broken, I should have gone mad, “Stop it!”.


If parents repeat such rejection, the child may not pick up picture books.


The biggest advantage of purchasing picture books is that the child can enjoy picture books to its heart’s content, whether that are torn.

Ingenuity (2) Let’s devise the placement of the book.


For the past few years, the picture books I bought at the Dowakan were stored on the bookshelf of the children’s room. 


Because there have been so many toys in the children’s room, there have fewer opportunitires for children to pull picture books out of the bookshelf themselves and read them.


So, I thought that it would be good if there was a book in a position that was easier to see and easy to pick up, so I put several books in the living room where my family often spends.


I put some picture books in a box and placed them in the living room.


As soon as my children found the picture book, they looked for it and read it out immediately.


3-year-old second son also requested to read picture books one after another.


In addition, I put several picture books in the car.


My eldest son didn’t get drunk in a car while driving, so he was reading all the books that had been put up.


 Putting the book not only on the bookshelf but also in other places, it seems that the attention has increased and it has become easier to attract interest.


 If I change the lineup of picture books regularly, it will be more fresh and more interested in children.






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